More Stuff

2008-04-20 23:39:34 by Homeless

I know I've been saying this a lot lately, but I'm going to be making more stuff soon. I've been pretty busy socially (lame, I know) lately and I've been away from home a lot, but I'm going to start putting more effort into flashes, claymations, and live action stuff.

Keep an eye out on my YouTube

that's where most of my crap ends up at. I'm going to try to make more newgrounds-suitable material though. I love it here. YouTube stinks :3


2008-03-03 23:32:50 by Homeless

"The Red Thing"

it's on newgrounds. leave it a review, vote 5 and stuff


Who likes Mushrooms?

2007-12-22 14:27:22 by Homeless

If you do...


Who likes Mushrooms?

New Claymation

2007-12-02 14:25:27 by Homeless

Killer Mushroom

vote 5 and review plz

ill respond

My first computer

2007-09-09 02:36:37 by Homeless

I got an iMac

2gb RAM
24" screen

I love it. Its a lot better than windows. :D

Flash CS3

2007-09-02 17:16:33 by Homeless

Flash cs3 can export in Quicktime and put animated movie clips into the movie instead of keeping them on the first frame! Action script animation also exports in Quicktime (.mov)

It doesn't work in .avi but you can always convert it.

I don't know why I'm posting this but it might help someone

New Movie Dub

2007-08-14 18:52:17 by Homeless

A lord of the rings dub. Vote 5!!!

and review

Does anyone else here that uses Vista have the problem with Flash 8 (or lower) that makes it so symbols take forever to open up and sound to be imported?

I found out how to fix that. right click on the Flash launcher or shortcut and click on properties, than go to the compatibility tab. Make it run in Service pack 2 and the problem's gone!

Tell me if you've had this problem.

Flash Being Glitchy with Windows Vista?

Not many claymations

2007-07-17 18:59:23 by Homeless

I haven't made any good claymations since Massage Chair and that's because I got a new computer and my way of putting together claymations doesn't work that well with the damn vista bugs! >:(

BTW this is my family compputer. I still don't have my own computer yet. I can still make claymations, but when I export the finished file, it's all bouncy for some reason. Adobe Premiere cs3 doesn't export files made in Monkeyjam very well. I'll try to find another free stopmotion program so I can make more claymations. If anyone is reading this that knows of any, please reccomend one.

I'm hopefully getting a iMac soon, and I'll have all new programs: Final Cut Pro, iStopmotion... so by than I can make claymations alot faster. I'll be in my room, where I usually animate, and the programs will actually be meant to work with each other, unlike Premiere and Monkeyjam...

But I'll still work on claymations and when dat new computer comes... BOOM!