Entry #1

Not many claymations

2007-07-17 18:59:23 by Homeless

I haven't made any good claymations since Massage Chair and that's because I got a new computer and my way of putting together claymations doesn't work that well with the damn vista bugs! >:(

BTW this is my family compputer. I still don't have my own computer yet. I can still make claymations, but when I export the finished file, it's all bouncy for some reason. Adobe Premiere cs3 doesn't export files made in Monkeyjam very well. I'll try to find another free stopmotion program so I can make more claymations. If anyone is reading this that knows of any, please reccomend one.

I'm hopefully getting a iMac soon, and I'll have all new programs: Final Cut Pro, iStopmotion... so by than I can make claymations alot faster. I'll be in my room, where I usually animate, and the programs will actually be meant to work with each other, unlike Premiere and Monkeyjam...

But I'll still work on claymations and when dat new computer comes... BOOM!


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2007-07-20 17:01:46

I was just thinking today about how I wanted to see more claymations from you :)


2007-07-21 18:28:37

Congrats on top 10!! Very big deal and pretty exciting.

last weekI met the guy who created monkeyjam. Probably see him again. Not too familyar with Monkeyjam, but try messing with different codecs and export formats. See if having a copy of Quicktime Pro ($30) helps.

Homeless responds:

Cool. I acutally used Monkeyjam to make a claymation. I usually use Flash for arranging .jpegs but this helped alot. Only problem with monkeyjam is that it imports funny into a program I use for video editing. The frame jumps around so I might just use Flash again.

But first, I'll try exporting in different formats


2007-08-06 19:31:31

I use the Anaszi you can find it at animateclay.com so I don't that's the only free one I know.

Homeless responds:

The download won't unzip with vista. I dont think I can download winzip either.

I could only unzip zipped folders, not winzip .exe files


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